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Our Days with Documents : Civil War Edition offers many resources for teachers. This page will be updated with information and resources from each day’s presentations.

Resources Day 1   – July 13,2016

8th grade American History teacher Art Titzel’s presentation centered on ways to enhance a field trip. His presentation focuses in on some methods to engage students on a trip to Gettysburg  . He highlights activities for students and stories related to the battle that can be used to tell students which could make for strong connections.

Email: atitzel@hershey.k12.pa.us

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Resources Day 2   – July 14, 2016

American history teacher Rob Finkill shared some strategies on using primary sources in the classroom. Posted here are links to his presentation and resources in helping teachers find primary sources resources. Our Gettysburg School Bus has several posts on primary sources in the classroom with primary sources – from accounts from the battle both civilian and military as well as using monuments as primary sources.

Email : rfinkill@hershey.k12.pa.us

Presentation Slides

Using Primary Sources in the Classroom Presentation in Google Slides format

Organizers to Guide Student Inquiry


     Blog Posts related to Primary Sources


“It’s more important than ever that educators collaborate to continually improve and support the success of each learner.”

Dr. Gene Carter,

executive director of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum development

As an educator , summer is a time to wind down from a busy school year, reflect on past activities and plan for the coming year. More teachers than ever are taking the advice of Dr. Carter and collaborating to support the success of all learners. Here at Gettysburg National Military Park, we offer teachers several opportunities to do just that by   holding several summer workshops for educators of all levels and backgrounds .  Through these workshops, teachers can connect with fellow educators to create meaningful and engaging experiences for their students.

The summer of 2016’s  teacher professional development focuses on two eras – the Civil War Era and the Eisenhower Era. The workshops are entitled “Days with Documents”. For those unable to attend the workshops here at the Park,  this summer’s blog series is going to  highlight the documents used and potential classroom activities which may be adaptable to various classroom settings.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.22.43 PMCivil War Edition

Our first Days with Documents workshop will focus on the Civil War Era. First up will be documents and videos which will be used to explore the topic of Civil War novels . We will analyze films and novels to create activities for teachers to use their classrooms. Our second topics will be using soldier letters, diaries and pension files in class activities.  Primary source documents allow for many opportunities for all types of use. Finally, we will use controversial museum objects as discussion starters and writing prompts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.22.55 PMEisenhower Edition

It is well known that President Dwight Eisenhower’s home is a National Park Site here in Gettysburg. This provides the opportunity  to look at other eras in American history beyond the Civil War.  Our Eisenhower edition of Days with Documents will focus the experiences Eisenhower had both as president and during his time here at Gettysburg. The first day will focus on Eisenhower and the World Wars. Both the World War I and II will be used in  context with Eisenhower’s experiences related to both of those world events.  World Diplomacy and Eisenhower will be the second day’s focus. Using documents , writings and more to analyze decisions made during a critical time in the Cold War will provide for many activities. And finally the third day will zero in on Eisenhower, Civil Rights, and other domestic issues that took place in the era surrounding his presidency.  We will attempt to narrow down this large topic to help educators use primary sources creatively and effectively.

If you can’t be there..

Our blog posts this summer will provide some of the same content for use in classrooms for those educators who may not be able to be here in Gettysburg this summer. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on the most current postings this summer!


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